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NICE Solemyo, Solar Power For Electric Gates.
NICE Solemyo Solar Power Kit
Product Code: SYKCE - Solar power kit comprising SYP photovoltaic panel and PSY24 battery box with charging control circuit.


Solemyo is the kit for solar power for the automation of gates, garage doors and barrier gates, including those located far from the mains power.

Simple and rapid installation with guaranteed savings and reliable operation.

Installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or these difficult to access with mains power.

Increased savings and respect for the environment thanks to solar energy, free and clean: an ecological and intelligent choice with short term benefits.

Low consumption with no risk of blackouts: extended duration of energy reserve, combined with low consumtion of automations, guaranteed operation also in prolonged overcast conditions.


This kit contains the SYP photovoltaic panel that converts sunlight into electricity and the PSY24 battery box, storing the electrical energy produced by the SYP panel, with continuous and permanent supply throughout the day.

The SYA1 auxiliary power supply unit enables rapid battery charging via a 230 Vac power mains, as an alternative to the photovoltaic module. Battery charge status Led indicators.

For more technical information see the PDF file.


Technical Information:
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Download ONE PDF File. Here.
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NICE Solar Power
SYKCE Comes With:
SYP Photovoltaic solar panel for 24v power supply .
PSY24 24v battery box with charging control circuit
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PSY24 - 235x170x258 h

SYP - 390x28x415 h

SYA1 - 132x58x30 h

Operating Temp -20 to +50
Voltage 24v
Weight 14 kgs
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Electro Magnetic Lock


Items that may compliment your system, or make life that little bit easier, such as a reciever for your remotes.


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Bft Remote


The more people that have regular access to your property the more keyfob's you will need to order .


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NICE Keypad


To reduce the number of keyfob's required fit a number keypad to allow access to your property.



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