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Questions Answered
Questions Answered


Here are some of our most asked Questions about Gate Automation and the purchasing and installing of electric gate kits.

We hope that you will find the answer to your question within this section, but if not please Email your question to info@proforme.co.uk and we will Email back with the answer as well as including it here for future reference.


What if there is a power cut? - All electric gate kits supplied by Proforme have a manual release key to allow you to release your gates in the event of a power failure. Also, on all 24v kits, battery back up systems are available to allow the use of your electric gates during a power failure.
I have heard of children getting crushed between electric gates, should i be concerned? - When choosing a gate automation kit for use around small children look for kit with torque limits (such as BFT) and ask your installer to set the limits as low as is possible to allow usage in normal conditions. This will allow the gates to stop should anything or anyone be caught outside the range of the safety beams.
Will i be able to fit a kit myself? - All automation kits and accessories supplied by Proforme come with full easy to read comprehensive instructions and full technical support. There is a team of technical support guys for each manufacturer that will if needed talk you through your installation step by step.
Can i fit a battery backup ? - Automation kits for domestic use come in either 230v or 24v power supply to the motors. If you purchase a 24v kit then it is an available option for you to purchase and fit a battery backup device which will allow you to use your gates in the event of a power failiure. To use a 24v kit you still supply the control pannel with 230v AC power from the mains supply, the power is then transformed down to 24v through a transformer inside the control pannel housing. You do not supply the kit with 24v from the power source as some poeple imagine.
Which automation kit do i need? - Please see here
Can i fit an intercom to the kit i am considering? - All automtion kits supplied by Proforme have control pannels which will accept intercoms and keypads, loops and most required accessories for domestic use. All of our kits are compatible with all leading manufacturers intercoms and keypads. Please be aware though - keypads will not always wire straight into a control pannel without an additional card (at extra cost) All videx keypads however will wire into all control pannels without the need for an extra card.
Wireless keypads? - Please be aware that when fitting a wireless keypad....the keypad must be running on the same frequency as your keyfob remotes. Wireless keypads are specific to different channels.
If you have further question's you would like answered please email them to info@proforme.co.uk and we will email you straight back, also we can then add your question to this page to help other people with there enquiry's.






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